Life Comes Full Circle for the Morgans

MOUNT OLIVE – For Savanah Morgan, finding herself at University of Mount Olive was less of a choice, and more a matter of fate. Her parents, Karen and Dennis Morgan met and fell in love at MOC when they were students in the mid-1980s.  They have been married now for over 26 years. In the back of her mind, Savanah likes to think that history may repeat itself, and she might also find her other half while earning her degree in business management.

Dennis and Karen know firsthand what their daughter can expect from her time at MOC.  Despite being only minutes away from the campus, Savanah will stay in the residence halls.  They feel that living on campus will allow her to make the most of her college experience.

“She will be so close, that we don’t really consider her gone,” said Karen. “Savanah is just spreading her wings and developing her confidence for the time when she really flies from the nest.”

One common factor shared by many new freshmen at University of Mount Olive is the class size, and more intimate learning style. Dennis and Karen have made the benefits of this very clear.”

“We both want Savanah to enjoy the close knit, family orientated atmosphere of MOC. We want her to know that she really matters to the people teaching her and that she is not just a number.”

During his college days Dennis was a guard on the basketball team.  He recalls that his business professor, Mrs. Melba Keathly, would stay after class to help with anything he may have missed while playing basketball.  “She worked endlessly with my accounting class to ensure that I kept my grades up,” he recalled.  Karen has the same kind of fond memories of her former professor Dr. Kathy Best.  “She worked diligently with me on business calculus,” Karen shared.

Dennis and Karen have advised Savanah to, “be herself, try her best, make new friends, and make the most of what MOC has to offer.” Whether or not Savanah takes her mother’s additional advice of, “staying away from the cute athletes” remains to be seen. After all, if her mother had taken the same advice, things might have worked out a little differently.

Dennis and Karen’s son, Trevor Morgan, is a senior at MOC.  The Morgans are members of May’s Chapel Original Free Will Baptist Church near Dudley.

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