How to Manage Your Money: 5-Week Workshop Series

RTP – University of Mount Olive in Research Triangle Park is hosting a workshop series entitled, “How to Manage Your Money.”   The event will consist of a five-part lecture held each from 6 to 8 PM each Thursday night from November 7 through December 12, 2013 at the College’s RTP location at 5001 S. Miami Blvd in Durham.  The lectures will cover:

1)    Household Budgeting

a.     Topics will include: ways to inventory and organize monthly bills and make the most of discretionary income.


2)    Saving More Money

a.     Topics will include: ways to leverage cash, delaying gratification and using free resources to save money.


3)    Retail Banking

a.     Topics will include: ways to get the most out of local banking institutions.


4)    Credit Score

a.     Topics will include: What is a credit score and what does it mean? Ways to monitor, maintain and keep a high credit score.


5)    Managing Risk

a.     Topics will include: ways to shield family finances from inevitable risks.


These classes will be tailored to educate attendees on personal financial management.  Topics will range from monthly budgeting to managing financial risk.  The classes will be instructed by Jeremy Altfeder, a decade long veteran of the financial industry and certified financial planner.


This series is free for University of Mount Olive at RTP students and available to the public for $10 per course, or $45 for the full series. For questions or more information, contact Dr. Nicole Childs at or (919) 381-6925.


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