Music Auditions

At the University of Mount Olive, all students can be involved in the music program regardless of academic major.  Everyone is invited to participate in the music ensembles and even enroll in private lessons.

Fall 2024 Music Major Entrance Auditions

All students wishing to join the music degree program or participate in an instrumental or vocal ensemble will need to audition. Prospective students may audition at any time by submitting a video audition. Instructions on creating and submitting a video audition are detailed below. Students hoping to be accepted into the Fall 2024 music program and or receive a music scholarship must submit auditions before April 1, 2024. The video audition submission deadline is April 1, 2024.

If you plan to be on campus for an in person audition we can set up an appointment time to meet with you. On campus auditions will be available during the November 10, 2023 and January 27, 2024 UMO Open House events. Spring 2024 on campus auditions are February 22, 2024 during Honor Band, and our final in person audition will be offered March 16, 2024. Please contact Dr. Overmier or Professor Rector at or to schedule a time for your audition.

Audition requirements are detailed at the bottom of this page, specific to each performance area.  Please adhere to these guidelines particular to your area of performance in preparing your audition.

For a Virtual Audition

Recording your video

  1. Briefly introduce yourself, giving your name, hometown, high school, what UMO musical opportunities interest you, and anything else you’d like to add.
  2. Announce what you will be performing (titles/composers), then play your selection(s). Please follow all Audition Requirements specific to your performance area, as listed below.

Recording requirements

  • Record your audition in one, continuous, unedited take. Do not turn off the camera between selections.
  • Your face, fingers, valves, slides, sticks, etc. must remain visible at all times.

Upload your video to YouTube

  • Upload your audition to YouTube as an UNLISTED VIDEO.
  • Please check to make sure the permissions are set so that we can view it.
  • Secure a link to the video and copy/paste the link into the Audition Application Form.

Fill out the Audition Application Form

Fill out the Audition Application Form by clicking on or the QR code below.

  • Don’t forget to add the YouTube link to your Video Audition.
  • Once completed, click Submit.

Scholarship Availability

For the highest scholarship award consideration, we encourage audition submissions as detailed above.

Audition Requirements (repertoire, etudes, scales, etc.)


  • A chromatic scale from your lowest note to highest, followed by 2 major scales of your choice, as many octaves as possible
  • 2 pieces in contrasting style or tempo, such as 2 varying etudes or 2 movements of a sonata or concerto  (Selections from all-district band auditions are acceptable.)
  • Percussionists: Please audition on your strongest instrument but tell us about your experience on other instruments in your video introduction. If auditioning on snare drum, in lieu of the chromatic scale requirement, include a few common rudiments of your choice.


  • Sing an ascending major triad (C-E-G) and descend back to where you started (G-E-C) all in one breath, connected on an “Ah” vowel sound. Move up a half step to C# and continue to sing this major triad pattern moving all the way up the keyboard in half steps to as high as you can. After you have done this to as high as possible, start over on middle C and move down a half step repeating the major triad pattern on a connected “Ah” vowel until you reach as low as your voice can possibly make sound.
  • Pick 2 different styles of songs and sing about 30 seconds of each. Be sure to sing something that will display your vocal range and expression while singing. It can be a classical, jazz, country, pop, Broadway musical, or worship song.
  • You can use a live piano/keyboard/guitar accompaniment or a karaoke track from YouTube.
What happens next?

One of our music faculty will contact you regarding your audition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Overmier or Professor Rector at or