New Memories for Joyner

WASHINGTON –Chanda Joyner, a 34 year old mother of two, was working as a certified nurse aide when she was in a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. The accident damaged her memory and changed her life forever. “I do remember coming home at some point for a weekend visit and trying to recognize my home, but I couldn’t,” Joyner explained. “However, I started to form new memories before leaving the hospital.  This is where the memories for the rest of my life started to form.”
Joyner, a Greenville native, spent months in the hospital recuperating. “The hardest thing I had to overcome was keeping up with things dealing with memory. It’s like you have everything that matters to you around you, and then it is taken away, and you have to learn how to deal with this new life as you now know it.” During her recovery, Joyner had to form new relationships with her husband and two children. “We still have old memories, but we moved on to new ones. I had the mindset of refusing to believe that my injury was going to take over my life.”
Joyner took control of her life by enrolling at University of Mount Olive. “I knew I wanted to go back to school before leaving the hospital.  That was a goal I had in motion post-injury.” University of Mount Olive’s evening program allowed Joyner to take care of her family while going to college as a healthcare management major. “I picked MOC because of the convenience of the program set up for me.  I love the way the program is catered toward working adults, so the professors understand us.”
Although it was a grisly ordeal, Joyner has learned invaluable lessons from her time in the hospital. “The accident has made me a better person, a very cautious person sometimes. I have learned how to prioritize my life, set goals for myself and see my life in the long-term aspect.” She credits University of Mount Olive with giving her the opportunity to accomplish those goals. “University of Mount Olive transformed my life in so many ways I never knew possible.  Prior to MOC I could never see myself in a position of making plans for a master’s degree.”
After graduating, Joyner intends on treating others with injuries similar to the ones she suffered. “My plans are to pursue something dealing with traumatic brain injury.  Also, I plan to obtain my medical coding certification and earn a master’s degree in healthcare.” With the memories she made at University of Mount Olive, Joyner knows she will be more than capable of pursuing any goal she wishes to follow through.
Joyner is married to Edwin Lloyd.  She has two children Reaija Swain and Joshua Joyner.
Joyner will be one of approximately 320 students to graduate from University of Mount Olive on Saturday, August 18 at 2:00 PM in Kornegay Arena.
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