Precision Agriculture

The Precision Agriculture minor prepares students to enter a career in agriculture with a comprehensive understanding of precision agriculture and how it is used in all the different facets of agriculture. Students will gain exposure to many different platforms and demonstrate their ability to adapt to different applications of precision agriculture. Students in this program will understand the economic and environmental impacts of precision agriculture and how agronomic decisions rely on precision data to drive the industry forward.

Key Program Features

Identify the benefits and challenges associated with utilizing a precision agriculture platform in an operation while maintaining a current view of emerging precision agriculture technology

Apply precision agriculture knowledge to successfully implement, demonstrate, and train others to use a precision agriculture platform for a specific operation using effective communication

Master identifying and troubleshooting all mechanical and technology components of a precision agriculture system on any given piece of equipment

Apply agronomic knowledge to make decisions by collecting, organizing, and analyzing data inputs and outputs on a precision agriculture platform

Program Details

This program is a one of a kind offering to get students comfortable with the digital side of farming that is becoming the forefront of how farming operations are managed. These courses equip students for many career opportunities; from the grower level to the dealership level of someone who installs precision agriculture equipment. Our partnership with Case IH enhances this program by giving students hand-on experiences with precision agriculture equipment so they can see firsthand how it is used. The hands-on experience coupled with the classroom learning will help graduates from this program jump into a precision agriculture career with a well-rounded knowledge on the subject area.

  • Explain all the different facets of agriculture in which precision agriculture is utilized
  • Analyze a precision agriculture system and learn to promote/sell the system
  • Identify and quickly adapt to installing necessary hardware for a precision agriculture system
  • Present and explain a precision agriculture product to an audience
  • Troubleshoot problems with precision agriculture systems

Internship opportunities are available with the original equipment manufacturer and agronomic services companies.

This is a minor curriculum with the intent to develop to a major after determination of interest, both in industry and in academics.  The Precision Agriculture minor offers a strong compliment to all of our agriculture degree programs.

More Information

Traditional Undergraduate Degree Sheets
  • Precision Technology Specialist
  • Precision Ag Sales/ Service
  • GIS Technician
  • Precision Farming Product Specialist
  • Precision Agronomist
  • Digital Agriculture Product Manager
  • Head of Computational Agronomy