Showing of “The Satire Project” Begins on August 28th

Showing of “The Satire Project” Begins on August 28th

MOUNT OLIVE- The University of Mount Olive will host “The Satire Project:  An Exploration of Satire in Contemporary Society,” in the Teresa Pelt Grubbs Art Gallery from August 28-September 30. The gallery will be open Monday-Friday from 10 AM-4 Pm.

“The Satire Project” will feature the work of UMO professors Larry D. Lean, Lenard D. Moore, and William F. Gross.  The project was started in the fall of 2015 as a collaborative, multi-disciplined initiative based on satire.

For the collaborative project, Lean did 12 acrylic paintings, Moore wrote a poem about each of the paintings, and Gross put music to each poem based on the painting.  The artists believed that by combining visual art, music, and poetry they could create a work that was more imaginative than any one of the single disciplines could create alone.

This is a unique opportunity to see the individual components of “The Satire Project” and talk with the artists.

A live performance of the project will be held Tuesday, September 13, at 7:30 PM in the Hazel Waters Kornegay Assembly Hall (207 Wooten, Street). For more information about the project or event, please contact Larry Lean at

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