Simmons Receives J. William Byrd Award for Staff Excellence

MOUNT OLIVE – Terry Simmons, University of Mount Olive grounds supervisor, has received the 2014 J. William Byrd Award for staff excellence at the University of Mount Olive. The award is given in honor of Dr. J. William Byrd, president emeritus of the University, and is a $3,000 cash award.  Recipients for the J. William Byrd Award are recognized for their quality of work and ability to work as a team player. They must also demonstrate initiative and exemplify the University Mission.

Simmons has been with the University of Mount Olive since 1997.

A fellow UMO employee who nominated Simmons had this to say about him:

“The quality of Mr. Terry’s work is evident as you look across the ever enlarging University campus. He is always looking for ways to improve the appearance of the campus and shows initiative in discovering new plant materials and their utilization. He is knowledgeable and continues to share this knowledge with others while always remaining inquisitive and open to suggestions. He is not only a valuable and committed employee, but he is a valuable resource to the University and importantly a friend to us as well.”

Another co-worker said,

“Terry is everyone’s ‘go-to’ guy.  He treats people fair and expects to be treated the same way in return.  He takes care of the campus grounds.  He never loafs around, and he is always the first one here and the last one to leave.  He takes care of his duties and helps relieve others when they get bogged down with their own workload.  He has never said ‘NO’.  He always makes it happen.  He cares for his coworkers and cares about this University.”

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