UMO Alumna Moves Her Way Up the Corporate Ladder

UMO Alumna Moves Her Way Up the Corporate Ladder

MOUNT OLIVE- After graduating from the University of Mount Olive in December of 2014, Morgan Springs of Wilson quickly experienced the benefits of her college degree. Her hard work inside and outside of the classroom led her to a promotion at Chick-fil-A.  She credits much of that success to her alma mater.

“I decided to attend UMO because I wanted a smaller environment where I could easily form relationships with my professors and other students,” Springs recalled.

In the first semester of her sophomore, Springs declared business management as her major.   The courses and professors within the business management curriculum helped her to quickly realize that she had made the perfect educational choice for her future.

“One class that I enjoyed the most was a leadership course with Dr. Long. My interest for leadership began to grow,” said Springs.

During the summer of her junior year, Springs was determined to pursue an internship that would complement her education. She found that opportunity while eating lunch with her parents.

“It all started one day when my parents and I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. I asked one of the employees if the company had internships.  I was invited and went to an open interview the following Wednesday morning. A week later I started my internship as a marketing intern helping Chick-fil-A Wilson with annual and monthly events and fundraisers that benefited our community.”

The internship provided Springs with valuable experience in management, marketing, and leadership. Those experiences coupled with her education have enabled her to climb the corporate ladder.

“My position went from being a marketing intern to shift leader! I am working on not only developing myself, but also developing the team members that work with me,” explained Springs.

Her next goal is to begin working for the corporate office.  Springs also desires to pursue a master’s degree in leadership at the University of South Carolina.

“I am thankful to UMO and my professors for being a part of my journey,” smiled Springs.

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