UMO Tillman School of Business to Present Elevator Speech Competition

UMO Tillman School of Business to Present Elevator Speech Competition

MOUNT OLIVE – The University of Mount Olive is launching its inaugural Tillman School of Business Elevator Pitch Competition on Friday, April 22, at 9 AM in Raper Hall.  The competition is an opportunity for students to present ideas in three areas: business plan proposals, research, and case studies.

“An elevator pitch can be delivered in the length of time as elevator ride. The goal is to interest the listener enough that he or she would want to know more,” said Dr. Sam Herath Bandara, assistant professor of agribusiness and economics.  “Potential investors often judge the quality of an idea and team on the basis of an elevator pitch.”

Participating students will present a two minute informal pitch, as well as a ten minute formal pitch. Each category will be judged by a separate panel of experts from the UMO faculty and staff, as well as outside professionals.  The top three students in each category will receive an award and cash prize.

“The Elevator Pitch Competition will give students the opportunity to present their ideas to experienced professionals and receive constructive feedback,” said Dr. Christopher W. Taylor, assistant professor of agribusiness and economics. “The experiences obtained by students in this event will help them become better, more persuasive speakers, as well as increase their knowledge in their field of interest.”

According to Taylor, the business plan proposal pitch competition will be a good learning experience for students planning to one day start their own business, apply for loans, and seek capital contributions for a business. The research pitch competition will be beneficial to students considering post graduate-level studies. The case study pitch competition will better equip students to analyze and solve problems in real-world scenarios.

“I am excited about the upcoming Elevator Pitch competition, and I applaud our TSB faculty for sponsoring it,” noted University of Mount Olive President Dr. Philip P. Kerstetter. “In addition to being fun, it is a great learning experience as it challenges our students to identify salient points and then convey these points in a clear, concise, and brief message.  I am sure it will be a great event.”

Dean of the Tillman School of Business Dr. Kathy T. Best also pointed out, “As Dean of the Tillman School of Business, I am pleased that our faculty have taken the initiative to organize this event for the benefit of students.”

The event is free and open to the public.

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