UMO at Wilmington Alumnus Finds Success through Degree Completion

UMO at Wilmington Alumnus Finds Success through Degree Completion

WILMINGTON – Thirty year-old Nabil Jizi of Wilmington had been going to college off and on since turning 18. His efforts earned him an associate’s degree, but his desire was to obtain his bachelor’s degree and become an accountant.  He did some research on various colleges in the area and discovered that the University of Mount Olive at Wilmington offered the most flexible options for working adults.  In 2011, Jizi enrolled in the University’s business administration accounting program.

“I chose accounting because the profession is centered on honest and ethical conduct,” Jizi said.  “The continuous acquisition of knowledge was also an appealing characteristic of the profession.”

While earning his degree Jizi worked 40 hours a week, on 3rd shift, as a logistics manager at Target. He also acquired an internship with McGladrey LLP in Wilmington.

“With so much new information coming at me in the form of projects and tasks, I could utilize the concepts I learned at UMO to facilitate my progress in the internship,” Jizi said.

In recognition of his drive and achievements, in 2013 Jizi received the UMO Accounting Student of the Year award. He graduated from UMO in May of 2013, completing his bachelor’s degree in two years.

“It was an amazing experience,” Jizi said.  “The courses covered in the degree program gave me a solid foundation upon which to build.”

Since graduating, Jizi has become a tax associate with McGladrey LLP.  He has also taken and passed two of the four CPA certification exams.  He is scheduled to take the last two exams in May and August.

“Once I obtain my CPA certification I plan to continue to advance my career at McGladrey LLP,” he said.  “I now have a career which I thoroughly enjoy. I have UMO to thank for this.”

Jizi is engaged to Ewa Oates.  He has two children, Indiana Jizi and Evian Oates.

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