University of Mount Olive Inspires Morgan to Find Her Purpose and Passion

MOUNT OLIVE – Brianka Morgan of Goldsboro is an outgoing senior art major set to graduate this Saturday at University of Mount Olive. She is a writing coach, a tutor, a senator for the Student Government Association and a member of the Campus Activities Board. However, there was a time when she was too shy to step out of her shell. “I was afraid to try new things and to sometimes push myself,” said the twenty-two year old. “While pursuing my degree at University of Mount Olive, I have learned to be enthusiastic, steady and patient so I can grow into the person that I am supposed to be.”
Morgan began her personal transformation when she became involved with different groups and activities as a student on the University of Mount Olive campus. “In the beginning, I wasn’t very social. However, I have come to care about and sympathize with others on a different level because I became more active.” Morgan took the lessons she obtained as an active student at MOC and applied them to the real world. “I learned that you have to take an active role in your community, whether that is in your neighborhood, on a college campus, or in a small town. There is no point in complaining about the things or events around you, if you don’t try to do something to change them.”
Helping other students pushed Morgan to become a stronger individual. “I learned that it is best to give 110 percent, if not 200 percent in everything. Don’t worry about fears, don’t worry about insecurities. Everyone has had feelings of fear and inadequacy at some point and on some level, so there is no need to feel embarrassed and give only a mediocre effort or do nothing at all for fear of failing. Go all out and do your very best,” she advises.
Morgan has also grown as an artist under the tutelage of her MOC professors. “I have learned and challenged myself to be honest in the content and subject matter of my artwork.  That is  paramount in how University of Mount Olive transformed my life.”
Morgan, who plans to attend graduate school in the near future, will have a low-key celebration for her December 8th ceremony.
“Hopefully my grandparents will be here, I would love to spend some time with them. My own personal celebration however, will be to reward myself with a gargantuan book case.” Although she has a better understanding of herself now, graduation is only the beginning of Morgan’s personal journey. “While I know that I have grown as a person, I know there is much more that I have to do, and many more decisions to make, before I can completely say I am who I have always dreamed I would become.”
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