University of Mount Olive Students Create Cyber Security Awareness Website

University of Mount Olive Students Create Cyber Security Awareness Website


MOUNT OLIVE- Five University of Mount Olive management information systems (MIS) majors developed a website for their CIS 483 class that has gone above and beyond the typical senior capstone project. Under the direction of Dr. Karl Reimers, the class developed the website to raise computer security awareness among students, faculty, and staff.

CIS 483 is a systems development project course for senior students and it focuses on project management through critical examinations of project planning, design, production, documentation, and presentation techniques. The purpose of the project was to showcase the students’ MIS skills, as well as being a public service to UMO.

Reimers explained, “During the course, students determined that there was a general need to raise basic technology and information security awareness that would help to protect our IT infrastructure, as well as to safeguard the information of our students, staff, and other stakeholders at the University of Mount Olive.”

The five students who turned this idea of a website into a reality include Joseph McAlduff of Winterville, NC; Isaac Lambuth of Foresthill, CA; Delbert Lawrence of La Grange, NC; Kaitlyn Burkley of Coeur d’Alene, ID; and David Weeks of Nashville, NC.

The opportunity to create and implement the website provided the students with the opportunity to utilize their knowledge from other courses and experience a new, hands-on approach to learning.

“To create and accomplish a project of this magnitude, students needed to apply the methodology, project management skills, research skills, networking and telecommunication skills, and E-commerce and E-business skills that they acquired from previous courses. By using advanced virtual technologies, students were able to put forth a superior team effort,” said Reimers.

Each student took on a different aspect when it came time to engineer the Speedocx website. McAlduff served as the project manager, Lambuth and Lawrence were the content experts, Burkley was the designer and programmer, and Weeks served as the beta tester and documenter. The overall goal was to produce a website that was easy to use, attractive, informative, and professional.

“This was a very productive group experience, giving a positive outlook on project teams within the corporate world,” noted Weeks. “Creating this website enhanced my skills in informational technology and project management.”

“As a group, we were split up into different roles, and I thought I’d try my hand at designing and programming since I had never made a website before,” added Burkley. “I think the website speaks volumes about how well our group worked together over a 10-week online class. This website wouldn’t be what it is without the awesome work put in from my teammates!”

Reimers is sure that the exposure from the website will benefit the students’ future endeavors and career paths. “The students can point prospective employers to the team project website and elaborate on their individual participation and knowledge acquisition in the field of computers, technology, and data security,” said Reimers.

These students not only gained invaluable experience, but also reached their goal of creating a website focused on cyber security awareness. They are proud of their finished project and hope that the informative features and tutorials on will be of value to those who explore it.

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