Aaron Norris Combines His Love of Art and Athletics at UMO

Aaron Norris Combines His Love of Art and Athletics at UMO

MOUNT OLIVE- Aspiring graphic designer Aaron Norris of Carthage is preparing to graduate on December 19 with a bachelor’s degree in visual communications. During his time at the University of Mount Olive (UMO), Norris has transformed both inside and outside of the classroom.

During his high school years, Norris participated in baseball, basketball, and soccer. He juggled his academics and athletics with ease and graduated from Grace Christian School in 2011, and received an athletic scholarship to attend UMO.

“Every since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed playing sports,” Norris recalled. “It’s funny that I ended up pursuing soccer because it was the sport that I picked up last. I started playing my sophomore year of high school.  The next thing I knew, I was attending UMO on a soccer scholarship.”

During his four years of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility, Norris played as a mid-fielder and a forward. He learned valuable lessons on the field and gained lifelong friendships during his time as a Trojan.

“I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to play and to grow physically and mentally all while being surrounded by great teammates,” noted Norris. “I’d have to say that the best memory of my collegiate soccer career was hitting a volley into the upper left corner against Belmont Abbey in the 88th minute of the game to tie it up and better our position in the conference.”

UMO presented Norris with the perfect opportunity to develop as an artist as well. He always had a knack for drawing cartoons and designing documents.  The Art Department enabled Norris to foster his passion for the arts.

“UMO supplied me with an education that steered my passion for graphic design,” said Norris. “At some points, the classes were difficult, but I always had helpful professors, like Bob Murray, who supported me along the way.”

In addition to his studies and athletics, Norris works as a University Ambassador, was nominated for the 2014 Homecoming Court, and has participated in numerous intramural sports.

After graduation in December, Norris plans to celebrate with his family and dreams of designing for animated television shows. “It’s been a great four and a half years, and I am proud to be a part of the University of Mount Olive,” concluded Norris.

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