April 10 is Siblings Day:  College is a Family Affair for More than 15 Pairs of UMO Siblings

April 10 is Siblings Day: College is a Family Affair for More than 15 Pairs of UMO Siblings


April 8, 2023

Contact:  Rhonda Jessup, Director of Public Relations


MOUNT OLIVE – In Honor of National Siblings Day, April 10, the University of Mount Olive interviewed a few of the many siblings currently attending the University. Among them twins Carter and Carson Gipson, and their older brother, Blake, as well as Kaze and Keza Green.

The Gipson brothers, who hail from Goldsboro, NC, are all members of the UMO baseball team.  While Carter is redshirting this year, all three brothers will eventually take to the mound, each proving their skills as pitchers for the Trojans.  Twins Carter and Carson are freshman.  Carter, a business management major, and Carson, an exercise science major, chose UMO for its proximity, its excellent baseball program, and its faith-based mission. The fact that they could finally play ball with their older brother, Blake was an added bonus.

“I think it is cool that we finally get to attend the same school as Blake,” said Carter.  “And all of us playing together for the Trojans has been a great experience,” added Carson.

Older brother Blake, a recreation and leisure studies major, transferred to UMO in 2021.  He is on track to graduate in May.  “Having this time with my brothers has been awesome,” he shared.  “We have been able to encourage one another and keep each other accountable.”

Choosing an institution that was faith-based was important for the trio.  “UMO felt more like home than any other college we visited,” said Carter.  “That was partly because of the university’s faith-based values.”

The Gipson Brothers attend Pikes Crossroads Pentecostal Church.  They are the sons of Shane and Alison Gipson

UMO’s excellent track and field program is what attracted brother and sister Kaze and Keza Green to the Wayne County institution.  Keza competes in long and triple jumps, and is currently tenth in the conference in triple jumps, qualifying her for the Conference Carolinas Championship.  Kaze, a sprinter, is looking forward to competing in the future.  Both received scholarships to attend, which helped to solidify their college choice.

From Charlotte, NC, the Green twins enrolled at UMO as freshmen in the fall of 2022.  Kaze is majoring in computer science with a focus on cyber security, while his sister, Keza, is a pre-nursing major. “It has been fun seeing each other every day,” Kaze said.  “We have always been close, and this has only strengthened our bond,” Keza added.

The Green twins are the son and daughter of Jerome and Odette Green.

“There are around 15 pairs of siblings currently attending the University of Mount Olive,’ said Director of Admissions Nicole Balsamello.  “We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere and personal attention.  And, for these 30 or so students, that statement is even more meaningful.”

“Life is always better when you have a best friend that is also your sibling,” concluded Kaze.

The University of Mount Olive is a private institution rooted in the liberal arts tradition with defining Christian values. The University is sponsored by the Convention of Original Free Will Baptists.  For more information, visit www.umo.edu.

Siblings Carson, Carter, and Bake Gipson, along with twins Keza and Kaze Green are enjoying their time at the University of Mount Olive.

Twins Keza and Kaze Green are members of UMO’s Track and Field team.

Siblings Carson, Carter, and Blake Gipson are all pitchers for UMO’s Trojan baseball team.