Gudac Reflects on Her Time at UMO

Gudac Reflects on Her Time at UMO


MOUNT OLIVE- Kaylabeth Gudac, a Johnston County native, is preparing to graduate in May with a bachelor of science degree in psychology and a minor in criminal justice. During her time at the University of Mount Olive, Gudac has transformed academically and grown in her faith.

Gudac graduated from North Johnston High School in 2011 and pursued UMO after visiting the campus numerous times for basketball games and activities affiliated with her hometown church, Pine Level Free Will Baptist Church.

“I was raised in a small town, and went to a very small high school, so UMO was a natural fit,” Said Gudac. “Growing up I had visited the Universitymany times.  I liked the friendly atmosphere, and the professors seemed to truly enjoy their work. I knew that I would be able to adjust well while gaining my own independence in faith and academics, which was my goal in attending college.”

Being part of the honors program and simultaneously pursuing a minor and major, Gudac has been academically busy over her four years at UMO. She is confident that her hard work in the classroom will pay off in her future endeavors with graduate school.

“I am an overachiever, so I had multiple 21 credit hour semesters. However, UMO made it possible for me to succeed,” explained Gudac. “My professors have always helped me in every way possible and they have inspired me to continue my education at the graduate level.”

Even though her studies and heavy class loads became stressful at times, Gudac believes that her faith has guided her through her college experience.

“Attending college isn’t stress free because you are strong in your faith; however, by being surrounded by friends and professors that understand your faith, the college experience is a lot more tolerable,” said Gudac. “This past year, I was paired with a prayer partner through the FWB Church Support office, and she sends me texts and emails at the best of times. My faith has been the backbone of my undergraduate career.”

Looking forward to her May graduation, Gudac is grateful for her experiences and the relationships she has made at the University of Mount Olive.

“The past four years have transformed my education and my faith. I am truly grateful for the experiences I have had and the scholarships I have received that made it all possible.”

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