JESUS No Matter What Revival

JESUS No Matter What Revival

NOVEMBER 10, 2022 

By Macy Parkhurst, Student Intern  

MOUNT OLIVE – JESUS No Matter What! The November 7th and 8th Jesus No Matter What Revival offered a renewing of many students’ relationships with Christ and demonstrated the significance of worshipping freely in the presence of Jesus. The LiveOutLoud band, led by Abijah Graham, shared their love and passion for Jesus and worship through song. Messages were shared by Pastor Lester and guest speaker, Trent Cory, at the two-night event.  

Pastor Lester preached about how to worship Jesus unashamed. His message was to encourage students to connect on a personal level with Jesus and to lay all the trials and tribulations we face at His feet. Pastor Lester also connected with students through fun games and giveaways. Shirts, money, and Airpods were given away through friendly competition. Students enjoyed the time of fellowship and having the opportunity to have a bit of fun alongside their peers. 

 “Revival was a refreshing experience for me. It was nice to be able to spend time in worship and prayer beside my family in Christ,” states Hannah McCoy. “It is evident that Christ is moving in our lives and wanted to show us His presence over those couple of nights in worship.”  

Pastor Trent Cory’s message was entitled “Lifeguard.” His main message was that God is here to guard our lives and He wants us to learn how to guard our hearts. His message had three main points: no running, no diving, and no lifeguard on duty. “God did not design for us to run in slippery places; therefore, we must be careful and guard our hearts when we are tempted,” says Cory. Secondly, Cory preached about how if we dive into shallow places, we will not be able to achieve deep dreams. God wants us to follow His path and His plans for our lives so that we can follow out the deep dreams that He has planned for us. Lastly, Cory stated, “Do not live another day without the lifeguard being the King of your heart.”  

His message was powerful, and many students chose to renew their relationships with Christ that night.  

Jaylin Waddell stated, “The JESUS No Matter What revival was a mind changer for many, but I truly feel that many said yes to ‘The God Choice’. Personally, Revival strengthened my relationship with Christ through yet another powerful encounter of worship and prayer.”  

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