Jordan Rejuvenates Her Life at MOC

Vivian JordanRTP – Three years ago, Vivian Jordan wanted to revamp her entire career. “In 2010, I made a drastic career change,” said Jordan. “At the same time, I decided to go back to school, and I found University of Mount Olive.” Since then, Jordan’s life has completely changed. Now, she is only a few days away from earning her bachelor’s degree in health care management at MOC. “I can’t wait for May 4th. At 52 years of age, I want my children to know that it’s never too late to feel that wonderful sense of accomplishment that only you can do for yourself.”

Jordan, a New York native, always wanted a college education, but didn’t think she’d have the time with six children. She picked the accelerated evening program at MOC because it conveniently fit into her busy schedule. “I told myself one day a week, five week courses—piece of cake! I realized very quickly that it was hard work; time management took on a new meaning. Starting my homework at 10:00 PM once everyone was in bed became the new norm for me.”

Jordan initially didn’t believe she’d grow close to her fellow MOC classmates. “You think, ‘I’ll never get to know these people. I’m here to get my degree and get out.’ I was so wrong!” stated Jordan. “They became my extended family. We laughed, complained and looked out for each other.” She also became close to her professors. “My new family wasn’t just limited to my classmates. Each new professor brought challenges, wisdom and encouragement.  They motivated us by telling us that not only could we succeed, but that we could succeed with outstanding scholastic achievement if, we gave it our all. They were right.”

University of Mount Olive has transformed Jordan’s life in numerous ways. “MOC rejuvenated me. I realized just how much I had missed learning about different subjects. In my very hectic world, where all my time is given to an employer or at home, there was no me time—no time for personal growth.” Jordan found that personal growth as she improved herself from the inside out. “Not only did MOC help me mentally, it made me take a look at myself physically. I needed to not only work on my mind, but my body as well. Losing weight and getting fit is just as difficult a task as going back to school at 50, but I feel better than ever, not just mentally but physically as well.”

Her journey won’t end after commencement. Jordan will continue walking on a transformational path. “I am going to wait a year to focus on my children and make sure everything is on track for them. Then I would like to go on and get my master’s degree. I’ll just take a breath. It’s been a very fast paced ride.”

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