BS Music Education – Instrumental/Vocal

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education offers concentrations in performance  vocal or instrumental.

Key Program Features

UMO provides multiple performance opportunities for both solo performers and ensembles.

Music facilities include multiple practice rooms, Mac Lab, Smart classroom, Piano Lab, and the historic Hazel Waters Kornegay Assembly Hall.

The Department of Fine Arts Music Division offers three instrumental ensembles (Symphonic Band, Jazz, Band, and Pep Band) and three Choral Ensembles (Concert Choir, Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir) open to all UMO students. Students are welcome to participate in both choral and instrumental ensembles.

Program Details

  • All music majors have the opportunity to take applied lessons on a secondary instrument or vocal lessons in addition to their primary instrument/voice.
  • All music education majors are encouraged to participate in both vocal and instrumental ensembles in preparation for teaching both types of ensembles.
  • All students taking applied lessons are provided time each week to work with a piano accompanist.

Scholarships are available for students who participate in music ensembles. Scholarships are granted based on audition for each ensemble. Scholarship recipients must meet mandated requirements for each ensemble to maintain scholarship eligibility.

Students with aptitude in music but who are pursuing another field of study for their major often choose to minor in music. The music minor equips students with the basics in applied skills, theory, and history.

More Information

Professional Studies (23SH)

  • EDU 101, 102, 201, 202 Professional Studies for Teach Ed
  • EDU 480 Classroom Management and Organization
  • EDU 486 Leadership Development
  • EDU 487 Societal Context of Schooling
  • EDU 493 Senior Practicum
  • EDU 499 Seminar/ Internship

Music Core (34SH)

  • MUS 120 Music Theory I
  • MUS 121 Music Theory II
  • MUS 122 Sign Singing and Ear Training I
  • MUS 123 Sign Singing and Ear Training II
  • MUS 220 Music Theory III
  • MUS 221 Music Theory IV
  • MUS 322 Conducting I
  • MUS 323 Conducting II
  • MUS 350 Music History I
  • MUS 351 Music History II
  • MUS Elective
    *MUSP 130 Piano

Music Ed Core (32SH):

  • MUS Lessons:  MUS A-V: 130, 135, 330, and 335
  • MUS Ensembles:  MUS 140, 142
  • MUS 175 Intro to Music Education
  • MUS 344 Elementary Music Methods
  • MUS 345 Secondary Music Methods
  • MUS 372 Music Curriculum and Evaluation

Complete 5 SH of the following:

  • MUSA 230 Woodwind Methods
  • MUSG 230 Brass Methods
  • MUSK 230 String Methods
  • MUSR 230 Percussion Methods
  • MUSN 131 Guitar – Level I
  • MUSV 131 Voice
  • Music teacher
  • Private voice/instrumental/piano instructor
  • Preparation for further graduate studies