UMO Graduate Sees a Brighter Future

UMO Graduate Sees a Brighter Future

WILMINGTON- When Malorie Slusher of Wilmington, NC heard an advertisement on the radio for the University of Mount Olive’s evening program, she knew it was an opportunity she could not refuse.


“It was always in the back of my mind that I needed to complete my degree,” Slusher said. “I was not moving forward in my job, and I knew I had to make a change.”


She enrolled in the business management program and began attending evening classes at UMO’s Wilmington location in the spring of 2016.


Going to school while balancing work and a home life was not easy for Slusher, but she was determined to obtain her bachelor’s degree. “At first, it was a real struggle adding school to my already busy schedule. But with anything that is important in life, you find the time. Having lots of support around me, I was able to push forward and finish.”


Slusher’s husband, Adam, was an important motivator. “Adam went to business school and started his own HVAC business. His motivation and desire to grow in his work has always been inspiring to me.”


Slusher graduated with honors in May of 2018. While attending UMO, she also became a member of Delta Mu Delta, the International Honor Society in Business.


Slusher currently works at Aquesta Bank in Wilmington where she hopes to achieve her future career goals. “I really enjoy working with them and I hope to advance with them as they continue to grow.”


Deciding to continue her education at UMO has changed Slusher’s life for the better. She feels that she now has more opportunities to further her career, along with the confidence to pursue them. “UMO has given me the chance to take advantage of more than I could have worked for on my own. Waiting until now to obtain my degree not only gave me the skills I needed for my job, but now I have the education to back those skills!”


Her advice for adults who are thinking of returning to college is “just do it!”


One of the most important things Slusher has learned from going back to school is perseverance.

“You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Stand strong and you will make it!”


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