Sports Management

The Sports Management degree is designed to prepare students for a successful career in the exciting and multidimensional sports management industry. This customizable program of study provides students with vital industry-focused academic instruction, crucial real-life practical illustrations, and current global perspectives essential for success in their chosen field.

Students explore the depths of the sports management industry, which assists them in focusing on multiple sports management career areas such as intercollegiate, professional, amateur, entrepreneurial, nonprofit, educational, organizational, sports committees, and more.

Key Program Features

Understand the comprehensiveness of the multidimensional multibillion-dollar global sports management industry as well as positive impacts on municipal economic development, community engagement, civic pride, environmental protection, and holistic development of all stakeholders

Develop a skillful innovative knowledge base focusing on essential management practices, sport liability, human resources, facility operations/development, marketing, public speaking, revenue generation, special event management, community programs, emergency management, financial oversight, ethical decision making, effective business practices, and more

Strive to improve society as a whole while synthesizing leadership, educational, research, and practical experiences for a successful career in professional sports, intercollegiate athletics, nonprofit organizations, collegiate recreational sports, municipal athletics, Olympic sports, entrepreneurial endeavors, and more

Program Details

Innovative course content in the Sports Management program focuses on sport leadership communications, effective managerial practices, athletic facility development, sports marketing, facility operations, special event management, athletic administration, programming, sports financial management, legal liability, entrepreneurship, coaching, ethical decision making, effective business practices, vital administrative practices, and more.

Field training as well as a comprehensive culminating internship provide dynamic practical experience, positioning students for their transition into their chosen career path.

UMO Recreation and Leisure Studies students have the possibility to earn two separate scholarships during their tenure with the University. The RLS department recognizes annually The Most Outstanding Senior and The Most Promising Underclassman. These students are awarded a $500 scholarship to be used towards tuition expenses.

  • Coaching
  • Sport Psychology

More Information

Foundation Course (3SH)

  • RLS 111 Foundations of RLS & HPE OR
  • RLS 171 Intro to Sport Management

Core (19SH)

  • RLS 201 Intro to Writing and Research in RLS
  • 230, 231, 232 Field Training
  • 310 History & Philosophy of Rec/Leisure
  • 320 Program Planning and Leadership
  • 400 Research Methods
  • 420 Management of Recreation & Leisure
  • 430 Senior Seminar

Emphasis (27SH)

  • RLS 301 Facility Operations & Management
  • RLS 330 Developing Rec & Athletic Facilities
  • RLS 360 Sports Marketing/Promotion
  • RLS 405 Sports Financial Management
  • RLS 415 Legal Liability
  • RLS 499 Internship

Choose 9SH from the following courses:

  • ACC 211 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BUS 201 Business Law
  • BUS 202 Ethical Decision Making
  • CJC Terrorism & Homeland Security
  • HRM 322 Human Capital Management
  • MGT 311 Fundamentals of Management
  • MKT 351 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • PED 310 Sports Psychology/Sociology of Sport
  • PED 372 Coaching
  • PSY 250 Social Psychology
  • RLS 370 Sport Communication
  • RLS 410 Entrepreneurship
  • Professional positions in multiple sectors: Intercollegiate Athletics/Amateur Sports/Public/Professional Sports/Interscholastic/Commercial/Olympic/Sports Commissions/Recreational/Wellness
  • Athletic Director/Senior Women’s Administrator of Athletics
  • Assistant/Associate Director of Athletic Facilities
  • Athletic Special Event Director
  • Intercollegiate/Professional Athletics Coach
  • Sports Arena Operations/Stadium General Manger
  • Assistant Director of Sport Communications
  • Professional Sports Agent
  • Scouting Agent
  • Director Development/Major Gifts
  • Coordinator/Assistant/Associate/Director of Intramural-Recreational Sports
  • Sports Management Consultant
  • Athletics Compliance Officer
  • YMCA Coordinator/Manager/Assistant Director
  • Promotions/Marketing
  • Sport Equipment Sales Manger
  • Director of Wellness
  • Stadium Retail Sales Manager
  • Sports Tournament Director