Mount Olive College Collegiate FFA Members Participate in Mentoring Program

MOUNT OLIVE – The University of Mount Olive Collegiate FFA has expanded their community service to include a new activity for the year. Several agriscience education and agribusiness majors are mentoring Carver Elementary School third and fourth grade students in an effort to improve their math and reading skills. The University of Mount Olive students help teachers with a number of different classroom activities. Mentors may be involved in group activities such as reading to the class or they may be asked to assist individual students with their mastery of a number of different subjects.
The Carver students and teachers are very appreciative of all the help that they are receiving from the University of Mount Olive CFFA members. Some of the mentors even get the opportunity to have recess with what they refer to as, “their children.”
“This is such a great experience to work with these children and to know you are helping them and possibly making a difference,” explained Freshman Mentor Trevor Gaskins.  “My career goal is to teach at the high school level, but I enjoy the classroom atmosphere even at the elementary level.”
Dillon Robinson, a freshman agribusiness major adds, “I am not pursuing a career in education, but I believe that what we are doing for these children is the right thing to do.  I enjoy being a role model and a mentor for them.”
“It is obvious that these children appreciate the extra help and attention that we are able give to them and I believe the teachers appreciate it also,” stated Sophomore Alaina Airheart. “This effort also gives us the opportunity to better understand how the education system works, which in turn will benefit us in the future as we enter the education field. It is a win-win for everyone.”
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